Ride Matching

Zero Commission for Drivers

TADA takes zero commission. Except for transaction fee for debit/credit cards, the full amount of revenue is for a driver. We will continue to keep this principle.

Easy Driver Registration

We have simplified the registration process for your convenience. We also have a simpler sign up process for another driver type for easy registration.

Advanced Match System

TADA analyzes a pattern of drivers’ service based on big data and provides a personalized match system so that more riders can be matched to a driver.

Seamless Rider Pickup Service

You can receive another call while a rider is on board, when you are close to the destination. You may continuously get orders without delay.

Easy Access to Operating Information

We provide a dashboard function that allows you to conveniently check information such as your job history in a daily and weekly basis, current earnings and more.

Rewards: Incentive for Safe Driving

If you provide high quality service to a rider, we give you MVL points separately from service fee.