Ride Matching

The main objective of AZGO’s SOS is to provide streamlined transportation solutions in order to match supply with demand efficiently. Thus, AZGo’s SOS is presented as an alternative to personal vehicles or taxis. It aims to address several requirements by promoting optimised public transportation:
   •  Supplement public transportation in some areas with little to no access to it;
   •  Organise transportation, be it for schools, senior citizens, or for any other activity;
   •  Optimise transportation for employees;
   •  Manage late night or off-peak hour trips…
This transportation service is highly flexible and can be adapted to the needs of various communities and to different situations. This attractive service translates into real savings, all while offering better access to mobility and having a positive impact on the environment.


AZGo’s SOS solution adapts to many sectors and will tend to expand even more in the years to come. Several promoters are already taking advantage of our services:
   - Businesses;
   - Districts (regions, counties, communes, communities);
   - Transport operators;
   - Consulting firms or any other project leaders…
We endeavour to provide a personalised response to every project based on the requirements of the district, community, or organisation.


Our Demand-Responsive Transport offer can be personalised on a case-by-case basis and relate to multiple situations:    - ransport for People with AZGo
   - Services in rural and suburban areas with little to no access to public transportation;
   - School transportation;
   - Private shuttles;
   - Commute for employees;
   - The first and last miles to round off existing networks;
   - Off-peak transportation, on bank holidays or at nigh